How to Relieve Muscle Pain in Back?

How to Relieve Muscle Pain in Back?

Many kinds of body’s pain there is back pain and for this pain we cannot sleep clearly and we cannot work comfortably. So for removing this kind of pain we can follow some rules these are given below:-

Some step for removing back pain

  • We will extend arms behind our back and clasp our hands together. We will raise our arms upward until we feel a gentle stretch in the middle of our back and front of our shoulders and hold for 10 seconds.
  • We will grasp a bar with our palms facing forward and hang for 5 to 10 seconds, allowing gravity to stretch our spine. We will rest for a minute and then repeat the stretch with an underhanded grip.
  • We will lie on our back with our legs extended and elevated so our lower legs lie on the top of a stability ball. We will lift our hips to create a straight line from our knees to our shoulders and keep the back of our shoulders and our head on the floor. At last we will hold for 10 seconds.
  • We will stand upright with our feet about shoulder-width apart and place our hands behind our head with our elbows pointed out ward, away from our ears. We will twist to the left 90 degrees, so our left elbow points backward. We will hold for 10 seconds and then repeat in the opposite direction.
  • We will sit or stand under a pull down bar that is attached to a weight stack. We will extend our arms upward and grasp the bar wider than shoulder-width with our palms facing forward and abduct our arms, moving our elbows down. Slowly we will let the bar back up and repeat and perform 8 to 12 reps.

At the end we can say that if we follow the instructions or tips for removing the back pain then we can feel good although we exercise. So we will follow the tips for removing back pain these are given in the top then we can feel good.

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