How to Relieve Muscle Pain after Exercise

How to Relieve Muscle Pain after Exercise

After hard working out we feel some kind of pain above them there is muscle pain. And it is highly feeling pain for this reason we cannot exercise properly so some important tips are given below for removing muscle pain after exercising.

Some important tips for removing muscle pain:

Process #1

We have to rest our muscles. Rest is important to give our muscle fibers time to repair and heal properly. We have to avoid straining or exercising the muscles until the soreness removing.

Process #2

We will massage the muscles to restore blood flow and loosen the muscles up. If we can we make an appointment with a professional masseuse.

Process #3

We will take a pain reliever. A mild over-the-counter medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help us to relieve muscles pain. We have to avoid taking too much ibuprofen otherwise it can cause irritation in the lining of the stomach.

Process #4

We will apply an ice pack to our sore muscles for the first 24 to 72 hours. This helps to reduce delayed onset muscle pain and in the event the muscle has been injured. Normally ice helps reducing the inflammation. If we are brave enough then we will take an ice bath and after the period of icing we will apply heat.

Process #5

We will soak in a hot tub or shower. Or we will apply a hot water bottle to the sore muscles. Basically heat will dilate the blood vessels, restoring blood flow and relaxing the muscles. We will drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration if we choose the spa or steam room option.

Process #6

We have to perform mild exercise and gently stretch the muscles. We will mild exercise such as walking, yoga or swimming can keep the muscles from tightening and causing pain. So we will follow these tips strictly.


Muscles pain is disturbing and feeling paining much for us after hard working out. So for removing these muscles pain we can follow the instructions given in the top.

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