How to Ease Sore Muscles After a Hard Workout?

How to Ease Sore Muscles After a Hard Workout

After hard exercising Delayed onset-muscle soreness can make us feel the burn while our muscles recover and rebuild. If we take the right steps after hard working out us can go hard without paying price. So there are some important right steps to ease the muscle pain and that are given below:-

Some steps of easing muscle pain:


Stretching is our first line protector after a good workout. When we train we contract our muscles and the muscles fiber getting shorter. Stretching had no impact on muscle soreness, it certainly won’t hurt and especially our flexibility is limited.

Eating for rapid recovery

If we are eating at a calorie deficit, we want to make sure to get enough healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fats; these are important role in maintaining and repairing our muscles. So we have to consider strategically-timed protein supplementation. A couple hours after working out and when we sleep are two times then protein synthesis repairing our muscles.

Ice it

Immediately after hard working out, icing our muscles can stave off inflammation. Inflammation in one of nature’s protector mechanisms, but it works like a cast and it immobilizes us. When we keep inflammation down, that area is free to keep moving and movement promotes healing like stretching.

Changing diet

When our muscles are sore, inflammation is a huge part of the problem. So to help reduce this inflammation, we have to add foods that are rich in omega-3s such as salmon, free-range meat, flax, avocado and walnuts6-to our diet. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of these foods can help us dial back the soreness after overexertion. Amino acid supplements can also help us with muscle recovery after a high-intensity workout.

Massaging sore spots

Massage can reduce inflammatory compounds called cytokines8. One type of massage that’s gaining popularity. We can hit these areas ourselves using foam roller and put the roller on the areas for about 60 seconds. We have to make sure that we are rehydrated and our heart rate is back to normal.

Getting heated

While ice can work wonders immediately after hard working out, Heat can help us once our muscles have returned of their temperature. Heat increases circulation, especially focused heat in a Jacuzzi, where we can hit areas like joints that don’t normally get a lot of circulation.

So finally we could know how to ease or relieve muscles pain after working out. So we can follow the given instruction at the top. Then we can save our muscles from pain after hard working out.

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